Miguel Hernandez

Hi, I'm Miguel, your new partner

Hey! I'm happy to see you're here. Welcome to my personal web space. Here you can find useful information about the projects I have previously worked on. But that's not all. You will also find inspiration to keep working toward your goals. So, either we work together or, at the very least, I will help you to succeed.

About me

Not only am I a fullstack web developer, but I'm also an expert in industrial automation technology, a technical sales engineer, writer and a self-improvement lover.

My work

It's up to you to choose what your main interest topic might be. I'm here to help. I'm sure I can surely help you in any of my specialties.

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About me

I've been developing websites since 2021

Yeah, yeah. I know. Am I a developer or a sales engineer? Truth is... I'm both. I started learning web development in 2021 and I discovered this is one of my biggest passions in life. That's why I'm switching careers.


Years of experience


Succesful projects

I've worked at Smart Air and I've developed sites for some other minor customers. Developing not only frontend but backend as well in languages like Javascript and Python. But if you're wondering in which language I can do amazing stuff, then the answer is Javascript. I work with Next.js and Nest.js

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06 mar 2023

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